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Dealer Service Warehouse

  • OE Parts & Aftermarket Brand Distributor

  • Specializing in AC Delco & Motorcraft

  • Five Regional Distribution Centers

    • Over 150,000 SKUs available valued over $120 million
    • Service Area: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi
  • Three Regional Call Centers

    • Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and San Antonio
    • Customer Service Representatives average over 15 years of experience each
    • Call routing for unrivaled customer service
  • Online Ordering & Catalog Integration available

  • Convenient Route Deliveries

    • Overnight drop from local distribution center
    • Regionally routed deliveries occur multiple times daily
    • Availability of product from other markets via overnight delivery
    • Stock orders
    • Industry-leading technology for driver tracking and dispatching of product.

Battery Trucks

  • Nine regional battery trucks span Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Rio Grande Valley.
  • Dedicated, professional battery truck drivers are the best in the business.
  • Scheduled route deliveries available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (based on customer preferences).
  • Rotate batteries & manage inventory.
  • Core and warranty management.
  • Instantaneous invoicing, cores, and warranties.
  • Servicing ACD Delco & Motorcraft Customers

Buy Parts

DSW offers online ordering for those who wish to place their own orders. Our online solutions come with industry-standard cataloging, access to DSW’s complete assortment, creation of quotes, visibility to look-up history, VIN and Plate-to-VIN lookups.


My XL Parts

  • With My XL Parts, you get access to key information about your account anytime you need it, 24 hours a day.

    • View invoice detail along with printable versions of your original and signed copies.
    • View and print statements.
    • Sign up to have your statements automatically emailed to you on each billing date.
    • View detail about how each of your payments has been applied against outstanding invoices and when.
    • See balance due information along with MTD, YTD, and last year billing summary.
    • Link to our online ordering systems.


Product Line Up

We offer a robust selection of automotive parts, chemicals, and accessories encompassing over 150,000 products across more than 200 product lines from dozens of Original Equipment Manufacturers.