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XL Parts employs rigid standards and GPS tracking to measure every delivery to make sure orders are dispatched accurately and delivered quickly. This tracking ensures that improvements can be made whenever necessary in real-time. This is one reason why XL Parts is so reliable.

  • Timely GPS Tracked Orders

  • Daily Core and Return Pick-ups

  • Route Optimized Deliveries



XL Parts offers stocking programs to provide efficiencies to the service professional. With popular moving item history on several categories, we are able to provide a recommendation of what should be stocked in a shop’s location. Popular stocking programs include, but aren’t limited to: Wiper Blades, Filters, Lighting, and Batteries.

Below are some additional services provided for Stocking Programs:

  • Custom Inventory Labels by Sku

  • Dedicated Sales Representative to Maintain Stock

  • Lift Programs

  • Customized Web-Replenishment with min/max Quantities



XL Parts offers online ordering for those who choose to place their own orders. XL Parts online solutions come with industry standard cataloguing, access to XL Parts complete assortment, creation of quotes, visibility to look-up history, VIN and Plate-to-VIN lookups. XL Parts provides solutions service professionals need. XL Parts can also assist with integration into popular SMS’s (shop management systems).

Want to start ordering online? Request online credentials.



XL Parts offers robust technical, service advisor and management training throughout the year in each market we serve. XL Parts partners with industry best manufacturers to build a well-rounded calendar covering a myriad of topics including HVAC, Steering, Diagnostics, Ignition, Emissions, Diesel, and much more.  



XL Parts offers a service called MyXLParts which provides visibility to detailed transaction history accurate of the day before. MyXLParts provides service professionals the ability to keep up to date with transactions and to assist those handling payables with the information needed to keep reconciliations clean and easy.

Contact your sales representative for more details.